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Do you add any fees to the Rental Amount?

We do NOT charge an application fee

We do NOT charge for parking

We do NOT charge a make-ready fee

We do NOT require leases -- stay as long as you need to*

We do NOT require  a formal security deposit**

We DO provide free WIFI

We DO provide free expanded CATV

We DO include ALL utilities in the Basic Rental rate

We DO allow most pets***

We DO provide free bicycles for your enjoyment


*  minimum stay is 30 days due to our zoning designation

** presumes that a valid credit card is provided for our file

*** a non-refundable pet rental fee  of $5.-$20./day applies

How do you process monthly billing cycles?

We quote daily rates since many of our guests are reimbursed a daily allowance for housing, further, it allows us to easily calculate rental amounts when dealing with guest stays that do not necessarily conform to calendar "monthly" periods. Monthly rates are calculated by simply multiplying the daily rate shown above for each unit type by the no. days in the current month's billing cycle. As an example, for an arrival that occurs APRIL 24, with a departure of AUGUST 11, the following billing cycles would ensure:


1ST billing cycle, due w/booking, would consist of the 30 days of APR 24 - MAY 24

2ND billing cycle, due MAY 19, would consist of the 31 days of MAY 24 - JUN 24

3RD billing cycle, due JUN 19, would consist of the 31 days of JUN 24 - JUL 24

4TH billing cycle, due JUL 19,  would consist of the 18 days of JUL 24 - AUG 11


We process invoices on a monthly cycle -- in advance -- generally 5 days before each month billing cycle renews. At any time you have a projected departure date which becomes certain, we prorate the billing cycle involved using the daily rate multiplied by remaining no. of days in the final billing cycle. 

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